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A first look at our CGI's

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Maverick Properties are a housing development firm with big ideas! Having not had a web presence at all, they asked us to build a site from scratch. That was just the beginning...

CGI's - with the development you see above just a blueprint, we set to work creating computer generated images of the entire complex. Our partners rendered the entire site in a 3D engine allowing the images to be captured from any angle, at any time of day. It didn't stop there.

Next up we produced a 24 page glossy brochure for the entire development. This included the CGI's, floorplans for each house, a write up on the local area, places of interest and much more. Then it was on to sign making, banners and flags to advertise the site to the local community. All crafted by our own fair hands.

A big project but one giving us immense satisfaction at the final outcome.

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'What started as a website soon became signs, a glossy brochure, flags, CGI's and so much more. TDS Design have plenty of strings to their bow!'

- Maverick Properties

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