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domains, DNS & Hosting

Getting started...

Ok, lets start at the top. Your domain is the piece of text you buy for a tenner or so when starting out. What does it do? Nothing yet.
Ours is

You build a website and then it needs 'attaching' to the domain so when people type it in, it appears! This is where DNS comes in. You buy a hosting package (all websites we build have that included in what you pay) and then connect up the domain via changing DNS settings. The DNS is how the internet works but there is no time for that now.

Same applies to email services. You choose one from Google, GoDaddy or any supplier and then connect the domain in the same way. Voila, the full package of web and email services.

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cms & e-commerce

Putting you at the controls...

CMS stands for Content Management System. This means being able to login and edit your own stuff. The classic example is the good old fashioned blog. It goes:
Login - create new post - fill in the predefined boxes - press publish - you have a brand new web page to share. Who sets up the boxes you ask? We do. Images, text, videos, dates, times, toggle switches and much more. Just the way you like them.

E-Commerce is very similar. Login - add products - change prices - amend product images - setup discounts - get paid via Stripe. Easy.

What is Stripe?
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seo - the holy grail

Taking it to the next level...

It stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is what all businesses strive for. Getting to page one of Google (other search engines were available). So what can you do and what can we do to help boost those rankings?

There are a multitude of options but we usually recommend using the socials, blogs, and regular site updates for starters. After that we can guide you in to the realms of analytics, whilst taking a deep dive, dodge, duck and dip in to paid ads.

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