Jolly Good Brownies

A Chocolate Masterclass....

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Jolly Good Brownies was a great project for us as it pushed the e-commerce platform to the limits. At first glance it appears as though Oli and her team sell 6 products in different quantities. No. A closer look and you'll find about 400 different options with a whole host of product add-ons. This presented a challenge as it does mean creating a product options set for every single variable. Did it take time? Yes. Are we fed up of seeing the delicious brownies? No way! It gave us a great opportunity to showcase our e-commerce offering to the max!

The backend system is ever evolving, meaning Oli's site will get further enhanced features and options in the future for zero extra cost. Yum.

The new e-comerce platform is so easy to use, whilst the up to date site design stands us out in a busy industry!

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