Ignition Tennis

New balls please...

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Ignition Tennis have been a client for many years and are the latest to get a full overhaul. A switch from white to black was the starting point to give the brand a new feel. The previous logo worked well, but caused a problem with embroidery, so we made a new one!

The old site had the full e-commerce works, but we decided on a change of tact, using the single product embed option instead of the pre-defined store look. This meant the CMS comes to the fore and now manages all course details. Why do this you ask? In order to match the design to the rest of the site - something possible before but with a lot of coding!

The old site had also grown to a sprawling mass of pages, a lot of which weren't being used from days gone by. We reined in the navigation and simplified the user experience as much as humanly possible with 150+ courses to be added!

'The site now feels modern once again and the CMS is a very powerful tool for us to load our vast range of coaching options'

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