Three easy steps to create your own content

1. Our design

Our CMS offering comes together in three easy steps. Your site has static pages we have designed. And them CMS pages.... we have also designed.

The difference between the two is that we have 'bound' design elements to the boxes you will fill in. We can create a page that looks like anything at all. And then attach the desired fields to aspects of the page. These could be fonts, colour boxes, images, video.... literally anything.

Let's head over to section two and we'll explain.
If you were writing a blog post, you'd simply fill in the boxes with a heading, some text, maybe a few images, tags, a date etc. This works in the same way but the major fundemental difference is that the boxes you are filling in are bound to our design.

Its not a case of a page being set out in the same way all the time. You might want an image gallery with specific headings. We'll setup the page looking exactly like that, you come along, fill in the boxes with the images and publish the page.

If you can think of it, we can design it, meaning you could have a whole host of different types of pages you are able to control yourself.

2. your content

3. the perfect mix

Once you have filled in the required fields, you publish the page and...


Your site has generated your page. You are now the proud owner of a link to a brand spanking new piece of content. Social media the back door out of it, email it or head on over to our graphic design section and we'll produce you a 3m banner you can print it on and stick it up in the office!

We designed it. You produced it.


The power of CMS and take your site to the next level

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