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January 7, 2019

Selling Stuff

In a recent news article, it was revealed House of Fraser spent £25m on their e-commerce platform... and this wasn't nearly enough as the ever changing high street spits them out. M and S spent £500m on theirs and you'd imagine the orders are coming in every few seconds. A complex system indeed.

Let's Simplify It All

You want to sell some stuff online. If you get to the stage where the orders are coming in every few seconds then you are doing something right and can buy a £25m system! A lot of small to medium businesses would be happy with one or two orders per day whilst looking to expand. This is where we come in.

We are able to setup an online store for you in minutes. We partner with ECWID who provide the nuts and bolts of the service. We embed their shop code in to your website and then get to work. You get a login to your own shop 'backend' where you can mange the entire thing. From your sales console you can do the following:

  • Add and remove products
  • Create categories and assign products
  • Change pricing at any time
  • Create offers and discounts with strikethru pricing (25% off and previous price appears crossed out)
  • Manage discount codes that can be applied to people, products, categories - basically anything
  • Add a host of options for each product using drop down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, date pickers and much more
  • View sales stats and other nerd things
  • Specify shipping zones
  • Automate weights and shipping charges
  • Other stuff


Ahhh, the big question. Security is key to anything online and you'll want to ensure customer data is safe. The stores we have setup so far use Stripe as payment gateway mainly due to the fact the user doesn't have to leave your site to pay. You get so many good looking shops and then you have to veer off to Worldpay or Paypal and wind up back at a different page. Yes it works but it doesn't feel like the real thing. The actual bit where the money is taken is done using Stripe but it does it within the browser window you are in. Its like its got its own little sandpit to play in and everything outside doesn't matter. Having said that, for it to work you have to have an SSL certificate installed. Luckily these come as standard with our websites. We also spend time styling your store to make it look like the rest of your website meaning the customer enjoys a smooth transaction. This requires some CSS coding but its really just about fonts and colours. You can also edit and style the emails that go to off to clients which is handy!

Stripe are the ones who have to be PCI Compliant - not you. They hold all the data and customer details whilst providing an incredibly powerful dashboard. You can analyse the balls out of your finances and transactions, process refunds, schedule regular bank transfers so you actually get your money and much more. They take a small % of each transaction but if you saw the stuff you need to do in order to run a payment gateway yourself...

To Sum Up

Website > Embedded shop you can manage > Payment Gateway > Customers come and spend loads of money = Retirement

We have setup stores for physical products, downloads and services so no matter what you do, you can take it online. Drop us a message to discuss e-commerce and we'll give you a demo.

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