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Content management is all the rage. And has been for a while but its just gone to a new level. Find out why?
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August 10, 2018

This stuff is powerful!

A long long time ago in a land that time forgot, websites were either static and controlled by a webmaster, or template driven and controlled by people happy with that rigid framework. Now let's get one thing straight, CMS isn't new, far from it. It just that we have found a system that mashes the 2 together perfectly.

What can you do as a client?

Let's put it bluntly. People like us exist because we have 2 things most businesses are after. An artistic ability and time (with the latter being a key component). If you run a business, you'll know that running said business tends to be quite important when it comes to making a living. It means you don't have time to learn, construct, maintain and develop your website. Some just sit there showing off what you do, and some are constantly changing. We are now able to build a brand new web page for your site and make it look like anything we want (see artistic note earlier), but with some wizardry and nerd skills, able to create a simple to use set of boxes for you the client to fill in. Images, videos, text, headings, colours, boxes, buttons etc etc. You fill in the boxes and hit go. Our back-end nerd system populates the page with the stuff you have created. No coding, no need to mess with page design and you have an instant link to fire off to potential clients, social media or wherever you want to stick it.

Is this all that new?

It's not a new concept but generally CMS has been template driven and really static. Yes you could upload stuff but it was bound to the same shape and size. Now when you mash in our design skills we could create any page you like. Might just be a stack of images you want to update each month, blog posts, new videos.. basically anything. But we can make it look pretty and off you go.

Talk to us today about launching a new site stacked with CMS options!

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