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An intro to the all new TDS Design. Discover what we've been up to and how many tutorial videos we've watched!
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December 20, 2019

We've been busy. 

To cut a long story short, the software we used to use to create websites decided that it didn't want to exist anymore. An unfortunate outcome from a multi-billion pound corporation who didn't really care that loads of freelance designers were using it to make a living. Having said that, the amount of bugs and glitches it had often made it very annoying to use so balls to them.

Starting Again

This blog is being written via a brand new system of building websites and its incredibly powerful. So much so that we probably should have found it in the first place!

So on to new times and we've spent around 3 months learning, watching tutorials, re-watching the same tutorials and going 'AAAHHHHHH gotach' quite a lot. Getting annoyed. Wondering if there is an easy system out there and then finally arriving at a totally new offering. The big addition is CMS which stands for content management system. As web designers you want to create something that looks good, functions well and does its job. But then customers who aren't web designers want to add stuff and do things to it. But they don't know how. This is where CMS comes in and all the details can be found here.

Here's an awesome image just to make the post look better. Keep reading though please. Gwon.

Thoughts Please

In the meantime, have a look round the new site. Send us some feedback. Tell us what is good and what isn't and what you like best.

Cheers All

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